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September 4, 2015

The wedding fun

My best friend messaged me the other day and said that if she was dealing with cancer treatments and a wedding, she'd want Prozac! bahaha!

There is certainly a lot going on! The other day, I was tempted to pray, "Lord, what were you thinking?!?" ; )

The wedding is in 6 days and just about every relative we have, will be here in 4! Ahhh!
Still so much to do!

In between caring for Hubby and doctor's appointments, I had to figure out how much fabric to buy to make something like this since Zac already built the frame. I'm not really a seamstress so it was scary!

Yesterday Joy and I made something like this...

And then I had furn addressing 37 place cards using my very rusty calligraphy skills that were never that good to begin with, for the rehearsal dinner.
Today, I'm going to the restaurant where we are holding it, to figure out the seating arrangements. 

Tiffany moved into the apartment that will be their first home after the wedding! So exciting! 
 Poor Andrew fell off the ramp of the U haul truck and rolled his ankle. Seriously hoping he won't need crutches to walk down the aisle next week! But no matter what, he is going to be looking GOOD!

Next on the agenda is to get a hold of the very busy groom-to-be and practice dancing to our mother/son song. Not that either of us can dance, we are just two shy people who will be doing good to pull off some swaying! ; ) 

And speaking of shy, the bride and groom have opted to have their 'first look' at each other in private before the ceremony, with the photographer. Isn't that sweet! A great idea! Can't wait to see those pictures eventually! 


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