"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 20, 2015

Those 11 days

When I think of Hubby's hospital stay, there are a few things that will stand out in my memory.

-What an amazing calling the nursing profession is. Wow and wow!
 I interacted with so many in 12 hour days for 11 days straight and they were all awesome! Every one of them added their own touch of wisdom to Hubby's situation that made him more comfortable. So thankful for each every one of them.

-How my always sweet husband was so polite to every tech and nurse and called each of them by name even when he could barely talk. (not to mention that's a lot of names!)  But he is always so polite. He even says 'please' and 'thank you' to Seri. : )

-The cleaning lady, who prays with her grand daughter for all the people on 'her floor' to be healed. She was a dear woman and we promised to keep praying for each other.

-How happy I am not be eating cafeteria food alone anymore!

-The wonderful pastors from our church who visited and texted and prayed. And the sweet friends who came to visit and encouraged us and made us laugh. (And even though he could barely talk, I watched him encourage a lot of people too)

-The friend of Joy's who insisted she not be alone on Surgery Day (she was getting over the flu) and risked some germs to come over to keep her company all day long with Disney movies.

-How the Lord made my path cross in the lobby with some very dear friends, who were there for their own check up and were hoping to visit. Divine appointment!

-Overhearing this: "I just wanted to call you and say that it is cancer. It is in her lymph nodes and in her liver. They have given her 6 months to a year." Heavy situations are going on all around you in a cancer hospital... It changes your level of compassion for sure!

-A wonderful morning when a nurse gave Hubby a new route to walk
 (because having to circle the nurses station 9 times a day gets boring)
 and how she led us to a wall of windows with a great view and then brought us heated blankets!
 It was like a date!!!

-How the nurses sang when we watched this:

-How this sign had lots of signatures on it before we left and how many comments the hospital staff made about it. It sparked spiritual conversations with so many people. Thank you, B. Family!

-How I came home to a clean house every night.

-Joy and Andrew cheered me on every morning as I left for the hospital and tried to find ways to serve me when I got home late every night. And how they diligently did their school work without their home schooling mom.

-How Zac spent as much time as he could at the hospital between work and school and how he gave the kids rides and kept groceries in the house.

-How Andrew finally finished French! LOL That is kind of a family joke.
But I kid you not, finishing that class was the best thing he could do for all of us! LOL!
 Because there have been only two things going on in this family lately and they were:
Hubby's surgery and Andrew finishing his French class! ; ) Oh my stars, they are both over now! Hooray!


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