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January 25, 2015

First week of recovery at home

Recovery from this surgery is not easy, bless my Hubby's heart!
Just when we thought it might not be that bad, the tube in his stomach started leaking. This turns out to be normal but they still had us come to the hospital at 11:30 Sunday night to do an x-ray just to make sure. I think we've been sleep deprived ever since because the leaking adds a new dimension to his care. There's a dressing to change a few times a night, meds to take and a feeding pump to turn off when the cycle is over etc..
But as far as his surgeon is concerned, everything looks great and is healing well. He said Hubby is suppose to feel like he's been run over by a truck. Good to know, since he does.
They decreased his time on the feeding tube from 18 hours to 14 hours and now he is on a full liquids diet, which is a little more fun than the clear fluids diet. But he can only handle a few sips of soup or a few bites of Greek yogurt right now.
 He's been really nauseous lately and is still very weak. He does go for little walks around the house or in our driveway. He watches lots of home improvement shows, which remind him of the joy of hard work and making customers happy. (he really misses being able to work!)
One night when he felt good, I thought a ride in the car might be nice for a change of scenery, but every bump in the road hurt his stitches, poor thing. Bad idea.
The kids took turns taking care of him, so I could dash out and run some errands that I needed to do after being 'gone' for 11 days.
 Joy took care of him one evening and I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric and sewed a new valance for our bedroom window. I bought some pillows for our bed to match our new comforter. Our old one reminded us of the chemo and radiation days. Maybe that's weird, but they did, so they had to go! It looks brighter and happier now, which reminds us that this is not that season, but a new one and we are closer to the end of this journey!

Andrew was invited to go on a family vacation with his best friend's family, who live in CA now. That blessed guy has been on a cruise to Mexico all week! He's flying home today and I can't wait to have his sweet, talkative, helpful, funny self back in our home! Love that guy! And looking forward to hearing about his travels!

We'll be nursing and healing around here, if you don't hear from us.


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