"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 2, 2015

The fun continues

It is just amazing to me that 10 weeks ago, our life was in such a hard place and now it isn't!
Just amazing!
Back then, Hubby was so weak from chemo that I had to push him in a wheelchair. There were days when I had to spoon feed him and he was in too much pain to talk or eat or be touched.
Who would have thought that would all be in the past and we would have such a lovely Christmas season with Hubby back to being his normal self ?!?! (Minus his lack of energy from the chemo)
He enjoyed every moment of the holidays with us! It was fabulous! I'm so thankful!

He's enjoying eating whatever he wants right now, -for the very last time in his life! Is that heavy or what? He will loose 20 lbs due to the surgery on Monday. Too bad I'm not going to magically loose 20 lbs on Monday. LOL!

Nathan flew home this morning and I put away 'Christmas,' which caused one of our boys to say 'there's nothing left to live for.'  ; ) ~So, glad they love each other so much!
Nathan will be back at the end of February for a really quick visit to see how Hubby is and to attend the wedding of a dear friend of his. That fact made saying good-bye much easier on this mom.

We spent New Years Day celebrating Zac's birthday early, because Nathan was still here. Not to mention it falls on Surgery Day.

Zac is the guy in the family who never wants to have a party thrown for him ever. So, I had it pretty easy! : )
Dad and the birthday guy!
We celebrated at Downtown Disney, which was lots of fun!
 We saw a movie, had candied apples and then went out to dinner.

ordering their apples

(Hubby had just barely enough energy to walk to the car after all that fun)

New Year's Eve was spent having pre-op tests done on Hubby's heart and lungs to be sure that they can handle the surgery. I promised not to post the picture of the contraption he had to sit and breathe into all while wearing a lovely blue clip pinned to his nose. ; )

 Then that night we went to a party at the home of Zac's girlfriends' parents, who go to church with us. Great party and fun fireworks with these sweet young people!

Monday is the big day!
As always, we are so thankful for Moffit Cancer Center! Hubby couldn't be in better hands! (they do 80 of these surgeries a year)

And we are absolutely, eternally grateful to my husband's employer who has continued to pay him throughout this whole ordeal. How amazing is that?!?
I had the chance to thank him in person the other day, and well, 'thank you' will never seem to be enough, but I'm glad I had the chance to. He's such a humble man. We are praying that will God richly bless him in every way for his abundant generosity!

Looking forward to good things in 2015! ~Most of all, my Hubby being cancer-free!


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