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January 19, 2015

Mountains moved

To catch up:
Thursday, Hubby's heart was still not back into rhythm. The doctors tried all kinds of meds but they didn't seem to be working. The cardiologist decided that on Friday, they would 'shock' it back in with cardioversion if it didn't go back in on Thursday. Having his heart shocked and flat-lining for a few seconds did NOT sound ideal and many dear people prayed.

Friday morning rolled around and Hubby was scheduled to be 'shocked' but at the very last minute, the cardiologist changed his mind!!! It was very odd.
And we knew that God had intervened!
He said that the staff at the cancer hospital weren't very comfortable doing cardioversion and that we should have it done at one of the very good 'heart' hospitals around town that do it all the time instead. But he said to wait 3 weeks because he honestly feels that this was all caused by the trauma to the esophagus during the surgery and the swelling. Since they are right next to each other, when the swelling goes down around the esophagus, he said the heart will go back to its normal rhythm on its own. Yes, and amen! Praying for that!
Then miracle of miracles, he said we could go home!!!! 
Now that is my kind of 'shock.' ; )

Right after that a case worker came in to tell us that one of the many meds for helping keep Hubby's heart rate down was going to cost $300 a month after insurance but after making some calls, she somehow got the price down to $10. How fabulous is that?!

Then we learned that insurance usually covers the feeding tube pump to use at home, but not the actual 'food' that goes in the pump. People usually have to pay for that out of pocket. But ours does cover it! Yay! It also is covering nurses to come over and help me learn how to use the pump!

Happy home-going
Zac came to help us leave the hospital. He said he was happy to help 'break Dad out.' ; )

And using this has not turned out to be as scary as I thought! Yay!

We serve a mountain moving God!


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