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January 6, 2015

All is well

Nine hours of surgery later, and my sweet hubby is recovering in the ICU.
Wow, what a day it was.
I had a sweet crowd with me in the waiting room for all of those hours. -What a blessing! Their presence made time speed by.

The surgeon told us that morning, that if he were to find that the cancer had spread when he opened him up, then he would not do the surgery. (I guess at that point maybe more chemo is your only hope)
So, as the first hour or two ticked by, I rejoiced that the surgery was happening at all! What a relief!
And they were able to do it robotically as they had hoped to. PTL

After it was all over, the surgeon hugged me and then told me that at 2:00 PM he took the cancer out of his body!!!! Whoo-hoo! I love that he wanted me to know the exact time!
~But, I didn't exactly love seeing a photo on his iPhone of the cancer on Hubby's esophagus. Blah! 'TMI,' as the kids say!:-)

I wasn't able to spend the night in the ICU and Hubby vetoed my plan to sleep in the lobby, so I went home at 10:00 PM. The ICU nurse gave me the number so that I could call a couple of times during the night to see how he was doing. The answer both times was that he was in 'a lot of pain.' But they have worked out those pain meds and he is comfortably resting today.

To do the surgery they had to collapse one of his lungs! So, they are monitoring his breathing closely ttoday as well as his heart, because of all that they did right next to it.

For some reason, they want him to be sitting up in a recliner and not in the hospital bed. So,  I can tell you that a hospital bed is a pretty comfy place for a worn out wife to nap. ;)

If all goes well, hubby will be moved out of ICU tomorrow. He is resting peacefully and we have a lot to be thankful for.
Thank you All for your prayers! God has answered. :-)


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