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September 2, 2014

No longer a beach wedding fan

Saturday, we decided it was time for some beach therapy!

As we were trying to get these selfies, some teenage boys walked by and teased us! : )

I was sooo excited to finally have dragged this cute guy to the beach! Then a mom with a crying daughter, told us she'd been stung all over her body by a jelly fish. Ekkk! That put a bit of a damper on things. Until we got down to the shore and found two weddings in progress! Who doesn't love weddings? Even if you don't know a soul, they are still fun to watch. ~I'm always trying to talk Joy into a beach wedding SOMEDAY but she's not a fan.

Just as the bridesmaids were about to walk down the sand/aisle all of a sudden it started pouring rain! I was too enthralled to leave. Then it rained even harder! It looked like the wedding would go on and so the guests just sat there. Bless their hearts. About this time, Hubby was ready to hit the road and we used our sun umbrella to keep us dry. He caught a glimpse of the bride at the other wedding standing under an umbrella. Poor thing!
As we were pulling away, I said "Wait, I think it is starting to clear up" and Hubby drove faster. ; )
Then we passed a mini van full of the bridesmaids who were trying to stay dry and some guests who were soaked to the skin in their formal attire.
 So, I think I'm over beach weddings now and I kind of bet all those folks are too.


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