"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

September 15, 2014

23 years

Yesterday was our anniversary!
~Twenty three years spent with the sweetest man alive! I'm blessed!

Our two youngest went out to eat with us and Hubby asked them what meant the most to them about our marriage.
(surprisingly they didn't say that we got them out of the deal - LOL)

 One said: 'That you guys still laugh at each others jokes, like you just met and are on a first date.'
The other one said "That you two are still in love.' (Yes and amen!)

The icing on the 'cake:
'My friends always wish that they had you guys for parents when they come over,  but I never wish for other people's parents.'
'You guys always support us in whatever we are passionate about and encourage us.'
(I'm a firm believer in writing down those sweet moments because sometimes they are few and far between on the parenting journey! And you just might need to reread to encourage yourself)  ;)

Saturday, we used our Busch Gardens passes from Hubby's company and spent the afternoon riding water rides in the heat! So fun! Then we dried off riding the sky ride back and forth across the park.
We had to get this off our list since Hubby can't spend time in the sun once radiation starts.
-And here's a praise report: he has indoor work to do during that time. God is so good!

Chemo and radiation treatments start next week!
 We are praying and believing God that he will not suffer all the negative side effects of either treatment, in Jesus' name.
Everyone is different and some people breeze through it without any side effects at all. Pray he's one of those people please. :-)

Here is one of many inspiring things my guy has said lately:
'Cancer starts with a lower case 'c' and not a capital 'c'. We are not going to let it be a capital 'c' in our lives. We are going to move through it in victory and then  get back to advancing the Kingdom of God.,

He may have cancer but cancer doesn't have him! Amen!


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