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September 23, 2014

An anniversary, a birthday and a procedure: Thankfully not all on the same day

We celebrated our 23rd by going to the beach for me:

And the baseball game for my hubby:

I felt sooo sorry for him eating healthy trail mix at a ball game! Bless his heart. So, I decided to be
'that lady' that ordered a steak fajita WITHOUT the tortilla for him. It was the only thing I could think of remotely on his cancer-fighting diet. And I didn't care that the guy thought I was a crazy woman on a fad diet and said "Here is your fajita SALAD, Ma'am." LOL, because it totally made his day!

We also went to the Holocaust Museum, which the kids thought sounded like a crazy thing to do on an anniversary date. (Hey, we had free passes!) It was very moving. But thankfully, not graphic like the films I had to watch in high school. 

For my birthday, Hubby and I went out for Mexican food (my favorite) on Wednesday night before we went to church, even though corn is not on the cancer-fighting diet! ; )
 We made a birthday exception and ate all the tortilla chips we wanted! Oh tortillas, how I've missed you!

Unfortunately, my hubby told the waiter that it was my birthday. Ughh!!! Which meant the banging of pots and pans and singing and a VERY large sombrero being placed on my head and a tequila being put in my hands, (which I didn't drink) even though they were all yelling 'shot!'
Oh my stars! It was this shy person's nightmare! Hubby snapped a photo in which, I surprisingly, did not look terrified. : ) One that I will NOT be posting on the Internet. However, the kids wanted it and now that crazy picture comes up on their phones when I call them. LOL

Earlier, as we dropped the kids off at church for a youth leaders meeting before the service, it hit us that all 4 of our kids are involved in youth ministry! (one of our favorite things) I don't know why it hit us just then because they've been doing it for a long time, but all of a sudden, we both just felt blessed. I think that is one of the things the 'C' word does in your life. It arrests you and brings your attention to all that is good in your life! 

Thursday, Hubby had the port put in his chest to receive the chemo. It is purple and he would rather have had 'Iron Man red,' but they didn't have that, and it is under his skin anyway, where no one can see it. ; )
It was another one of those mornings where he couldn't eat or drink anything and then had to be put under for the procedure. Bless his heart.This time they had either Spotify or Pandora in the operating room and gave him his choice of music and he picked jazz. Then he spent the day groggy and in pain.
He cannot lift anything over 10 lbs for the next two weeks and he can't do any painting with his right arm, because the motion could cause the sutures to tear. Thankfully, years ago, he taught himself how to paint with his left hand also. Thanks to Google, we found out that a gallon of paint weighs 10 lbs! So, he's determined to keep working; someone else will just have to lift ladders for him for awhile.

Friday, Hubby went to work and did some supervising until the pain was too much and then came home. We had a family birthday celebration for me, which included homemade fajitas and a trip to the movies. Originally, I wanted to go miniature golfing with the family to celebrate, but hubby wasn't able to lift his arm yet and it rained for about 5 hours that day! So, we ended up using a gift card we had to the movies and we all saw The Hundred-Foot Journey. We loved it! It was SWEET and clean! Just a nice feel-good movie!
-This reminds me of the last time Hubby and I went to the movies. It was early in the cancer journey and I wanted to take him out to get his mind off of it. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, but guess what happens in the beginning of the movie????
(skip this if  you haven't seen it) 
       ------A parent dies of cancer in a heartbreaking scene in a hospital room in front of their child!
Yeah....So, pretty sure that didn't get 'his mind off of it.' LOL
But we laugh about it now.

Anyway, this movie was a much better choice! : )
It was a fun birthday and I enjoyed every minute.

This week is all about the chemo and radiation starting.
Thanks for praying against side effects for us!


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