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May 13, 2014

Prius fun

We've had a Prius for a week now, and it is so fun to drive! The suspense was killing me the other day and I put gas into it even though it wasn't on E yet. : )
Since it isn't a 'normal' car, I am actually reading the manual!
Watching the screen to see if we are using the engine or the battery while we drive, is like a fun new hobby.

So far, I have walked up to the wrong car and waited for the smart key to unlock it, which it didn't. ; )
-There are a lot of silver ones out there! And I accidentally left the car on while in a store. Oh my!!! -Really glad it didn't get stolen. It is just that quiet!!!
The first time I was at a stop light and the fuel engine shut off, I panicked because my van used to shut off while I was driving it. LOL THAT is a good thing now and it was a little hard to get used to.
Unfortunately, someone keyed the passenger side while we were parked at a theme park over the weekend.-Sad! What was that all about?! Oh well.

The first thing the dealer told us about Prius' when we looked at them, was that you could go camping in one. I thought he was joking. But all the seats lay down flat and you can put fit an air mattress inside. Who would have thought! When he said that you can run the A/C all night without using any fuel, I got interested. : ) Hubby said there wouldn't be much room for storage so, if we did it, we'd probably have to eat at Cracker Barrels instead of bringing a cooler and cooking out. (A/C and the Cracker Barrel, sounds like it could be my kind of camping!!!) LOL

Super excited to be saving so much on gas!

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