"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 19, 2014

Awards and rollercoasters and moms

Last weekend, my Hubby's company had their annual awards banquet. Every couple of years, in addition to the banquet there has been a retreat. Its held at a cute resort full of southern charm in the Panhandle, where all the employees and their families get to stay for the weekend. But instead of doing a retreat this time, the company decided to hold their banquet at a restaurant at a theme park! Fun change! All the employees and their families were given passes to the park for that day and the rest of the year. Yahoo!

Long story short, the only ride Hubby and I went on that morning, gave him severe motion sickness. Poor guy! He loved the ride but got so very ill that we had to leave the park. So, we ended up missing the awards banquet later that night. While he was re-cooping, he started receiving congratulatory texts that he didn't understand. It turns out that he won quite a few awards at the banquet, including the highest award, in which is the Team Player of the Year Award. Proud of my guy!!! He also swore off all roller coaster for the rest of his life. : ) Bless his heart.

The next day was Mother's Day and two cute teens made me breakfast in bed. (they cook but they don't clean- LOL but thankfully Zac decided to do the kitchen and the rest of the house as a surprise) Then we went to church and Hubby taught his Sunday School class even though he still felt a little rough. Its a tradition, that I love, that all our kids sit with me in church on Mother's Day. That's always fun. (usually we are spread out all over the building or sometimes even in different services)
Sitting with the kids reminded me of last Mother's Day when I just had this strange feeling that it would be my last Mother's Day service surrounded by all our kids and I was right. So, when Nate called me from CA right after the last 'Amen,'  I was too choked up to speak into the phone! (I'm so sappy and he's such a sweetheart!)
Then it was off to my favorite restaurant. My usual evening trip to the beach didn't happen since Hubby started feeling sick again. I'll have to drag the FAM there another time. :-)


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