"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 1, 2014

Needing new wheels

Our mini van, affectionately named The Gunship, has driven its last mile.
It has been dying a slow death for awhile now. Driving it in all its quirkiness was like a science so we had to put off Joy's driving lessons. But after 239,000 miles you can't be too picky, right? Our sweet friend, who is a mechanic, certainly kept it going for us for as long as possible and we are so thankful.

I have lots of sweet memories of the six of us riding around in that van!
Memories of teaching 2 and half teenagers to drive in it. : )
Lots of out of state visits from my best friend in which we packed her 2 and our 4 in the back of it because they were small enough back then, until one summer they were all too big and she had to start renting cars. ; )
 Memories of so many beach trips that we kept swim noodles and beach chairs in the trunk year round!
But most of all and maybe best of all, were the gazillion trips to church! Three or four or more times a week, (44 miles round trip) that I wouldn't trade for anything. Those trips were for not only worship services, but youth group band practices, fine arts practices, choir practices, Junior Bible Quiz matches and Teen Bible Quiz matches and all kinds of fun things that helped us raise our kiddos! Well worth every trip! : )

Zac is loaning me his car tonight so that I can go and teach my last small group Bible class for the high school girls, since the program is ending. -We aren't really studying tonight since I found out that they have never seen Frozen!!! (how can that be?!!?)  ; )

Friday morning Zac graduates and several of us will have to ride with him, so that we can even get to the ceremony. LOL But, after all the fun festivities surrounding that, we'll be used car shopping!!! (Hubby's been searching Craig's List for weeks)

Our mini van days are over and we can now get something more fuel efficient for those 44 miles we love soooo much!!! After all, this is the home stretch of raising kids for us!

Prayers that we choose a good one, much appreciated!


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