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April 1, 2014

Happy be-on-the-lookout-for-pranks Day

Oh my stars, the pranks started early around here this morning, thanks to Joy!

(insert warning to her future husband that she LOVES and excels at April Fool's Day and he should plan to be on guard for the rest of his life!) : )

We saw this note on the kitchen wall before 6:00 AM.

And being that we live in Florida, this could mean a lizard, a roach or a spider...
I wasn't fully awake, and I was thinking of a mouse.
 (and freaking out!)

Hubby, moved the bowl and was ready to kill something
and found this:


And there's more!

Zac has a summer class that he needs to take for graduation and online registration started at 7:00 AM this morning. And there were ONLY TWO SPOTS LEFT in this class!!! Ahh!
He had to work at 6:00 AM! We planned  for me to log on and register for him right at exactly 7:00.
Except... guess who knew this and  decided to play a prank using the computer's mouse so that it would not work while I was logging in?!
 I turned it over and saw:
Then a certain, girl who was not awake,
had to get out of bed make it work FAST,
because I'm not techy enough to know that I just had to take the paper off to make it work. Not to mention I was about to panic!
She's a lucky sister, this April 1st,
because he got in the class! ; )

I was ready for April Fool's Day to end and it was only
7:02 AM!
Hoping that's it for today,
(or I might have to plan some pranks of my own)

P.S. -She doesn't get this from me! Literally, every.single.year. my sister and I would put sugar in the salt shaker. Even though we didn't use the salt shaker. LOL -We had no creativity! I guess our parents were lucky! : )


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