"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 8, 2014

A stomach, a back an ankle and an awning

What a day! -Friday, My hubby's brother had a small seizure while alone in our bathroom. He's never had one alone while staying at our house before. Andrew found him after he 'came to' and was crumpled up after a fall. A fall, in which he sprained his good (right) ankle, poor guy. It was rather traumatic for Andrew but he did an awesome job helping his uncle be calm and doing what he could to help him get up and yelling for help. 
At the same time, Zac had a stomach flu bug with a high fever and was more sick than he's every been in many years. Then my hubby called to say that it felt like his back was about to go out. (6 and half months of no back trouble til now though PTL!) So, THAT was a lot all at once! 

Saturday, we were icing and elevating an ankle and then going outside to try to hang an awning that we were given. It took all 5 of us to hang it and all morning to do it. I found out that even though I use some cute (little) weights while on the treadmill, I still can't hold up something above my head for more than a minute or two, which happened to feel like 5 hours. : )  I may have been kicked off the "awning team" except the fam was rather desperate for all hands on deck. Poor Zac, only just got over his fever, before we had him out there holding up an end of it. LOL  
It is now firmly screwed into the wall and it fits perfectly over our sliding glass door and is a nice hunter green color. And did I mention FREE! Yay! The morning sun hits that side of the house and you could fry an egg on that sliding glass door in the summer. -Hello savings on our electric bill!

After the awning, the chiropractor, lots of other errands and care-giving situations we were able to get a way for a little date. We ate some fabulous BBQ. Why do BBQ places have such uncomfortable seating though?Hubby's recovering back wasn't too fond of the indoor wooden picnic benches. 

So, the BIL is healing, Zac is almost better, and the chiropractor helped the Hubby.  Whew!

We are expecting a huge storm today. Here's hoping we did a good job hanging that awning. : )


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