"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 28, 2014

That time when I got in a fight with my Kitchen Aid and lost!

Oh.My.Stars. The craziest thing happened to me when I was making mashed potatoes for Andrew's "southern" birthday dinner. The wire whisk attachment broke and a couple of the newly unattached metal spokes were somehow hitting me on both arms and in the neck and as I leaned in to turn it off, I accidentally turned the speed up higher and got hit some more. I screamed and hot potatoes were flying all over the kitchen. When I finally got it shut off, my arms had marks from being "whisked" and I had mashed potatoes in my hair! -If it wasn't so painful, it would have been hilarious!

Despite all that, we had a wonderful time celebrating Andrew.

Hubby gave a speech and reminded us all that Andrew's name means "manly" and "courageous warrior."
We prayed for him to continue to be those things, then we ate too much and played some games. -There's one game we probably will not ever play again. But we will probably remember the shark fisherman in the middle of a thunderstorm, among other things...

Concentrating on one of the games and wishing Mom was not taking his picture. : )
Andrew (or Andy, as all his friends call him now) is such a blessing to us. He is a very compassionate young man and always seems to be looking for ways to help me. If it is true that young men grow up to treat their wives the way they treated their mothers, than his future wife is going to be VERY blessed!!! He's a sweetheart and also hilarious, as in, makes-you-spit-out-your-drink, kind of funny! : ) 
And we are so thankful for him!

Here he is at 7:00 AM
-Our poor kids, have to sing and be sung to on their birthdays when they aren't quite awake! And eat a chocolate chip pancake shaped like a bear, no matter how old they are. ; )
 Unless we are out of chocolate chips and then we have to give M&M's a try. LOL


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