"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 4, 2014


We've been speaking, believing and praying that this will be the
 and so far it has been. Hooray! God has been at work changing ALL of us
 (maybe me the most) and things are going really well.
Here's how I feel about it:

"For He who is mighty has done great things for me.
 And holy is His name." ~Luke 1:49

Yesterday was significant because it was the culmination of lots of paperwork, (that got lost between care-giving homes) more of that same paperwork, waiting on the doctor's signature and one interview downtown with an employee of the transit system of our city.
 (where they made sure that my brother-in-law is not faking his need for a special bus service for the disabled as apparently some people do)
All that to say, yesterday my BIL ordered a ride (all on his own) and the bus came to our house and picked him up and took him downtown to his chiropractor appointment!
It was really pretty exciting.
(we took pictures)
He was thrilled about the whole thing, naturally, because it means a new level of independence for him during his stays with us! He's been doing this during his stays in CA for a long time and he has a stroke support group out there and they do things together.

I was on stand-by, to pick him up if something in the plan went wrong. They have a one-hour window of time when they will come and pick you up from your home and a one-hour window when they will pick you up from your destination. (and they give you 5 minutes to board before they will drive away) I was afraid he might not see them pull up while inside the chiropractors office, but it all worked out quiet smoothly and he made it home just fine and very happy.


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