"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 28, 2014

Minus kids and then multiplying them = fun

Tonight, all of our kids will be away at retreats!!!
And if we weren't in the middle of our care-giving turn, Hubby and I would totally be trying to take advantage of this situation and make a romantic get-away happen. : )  But, we'll just have to settle for going out to dinner and maybe a movie. We want to see God is not Dead.

The girls' retreat is at a lovely Mennonite campground hubby used to take our kids tent-camping at when they were little.(until they raised the prices so much you could pay for a cheap hotel room instead)
It has a snack bar and game room, in case you get to missing civilization. The girls will be staying in the dorm rooms and they have a massive human Foosball set up that they will get to play. -I don't think I'd want to be strapped to something with a ball flying at me, but I'm old. : ) It will probably be tons of wet and muddy fun, because it is going to rain here all weekend!

The boys' retreat was being held at another campground in TENTS, bless their hearts. (and from the sound of things, these suburban boys weren't jumping at the chance to pay money to sleep in a tent in the great outdoors) But due to all the impending rain, their event has now become a lock-in at the church building (where no sleeping will take place anyway)
 Our oldest is going to help and he's seriously not sure how they are going to entertain 50 boys in one building for 25 hours!
(that sentence makes me a wee bit glad that I am not in the youth ministry at present! -LOL)

Sunday, after church the youth band members have invited themselves over to write music and jam at our house. How cute is that?! I have a feeling they are going to be REALLY tired though and might prefer a Sunday nap.
Should be tons of fun. Love having a houseful of teens.

Have a happy weekend!

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