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March 17, 2014

Spring breaking

So, we picked up Andrew's best friend at the airport on Monday and started our spring break fun!
He's a sweetheart and we are so glad to have him here. -And who wouldn't enjoy cooking for someone who thinks you are a 'Culinary Goddess.' LOL 

Tuesday, was Bowling and Laser Tag Day. The kids were so loving their bowling shoes and wanted to keep them. -That's got to be a first! And apparently bowling is more fun if you don't use your real names.

Wednesday, they wanted to go roller skating. We burned some calories that day!

Thursday we went strawberry picking. We, girls, did most of the picking because the boys were suddenly inspired to make a funny video with footage from the field.

Friday was Frisbee Golf Day and a picnic in the park. They also did more filming of their movie. I think I've sufficiently worn them out because we are all excited about relaxing tonight.

 We planned to throw these old fashioned planes of the dunes at the park but they were a big fail. : (

Saturday, we fit in some yard work and then headed to the BEACH. (the boys least favorite place) But we added a historic military fort with cannons and ammo cells from the 1800's and since there were Slurpees involved, they were all in. ; )
The beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect. We, Floridians, thought the water was too cold but it was warmer than the Pacific, so Joel jumped in. : )

By Sunday, a week's worth of fun and very little sleep, caught up with the boys. Andrew had a 100 degree temperature and missed both church services.

Today, I got the gang up early (as in 'early' spring break time) and caught the red mulch sale at Home Depot,  (10 bags for $10) Yahoo! and then we headed to the movies. They wanted to see the Peabody movie, which brought back memories and was pretty cute. Then it was off to the airport. The flight was delayed so we had a good long visit. Then came a challenging ride home as the van started freaking out. -I guess, if you are going to have car trouble, you can't beat having them AFTER spring break.

I may need a break from my 'break' though. : )

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