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March 24, 2014

All things starting with 'F' and the best cookies ever

I think a by-product of serving in various youth ministries for so long, is that when I think of an 'event' I have to give it a catchy name. : ) Or maybe 'corny' is a better description.
My latest kick is "Fajita Fridays!"
 It is a family night and our kids are welcome to invite friends to dinner and I make lots and lots of fatijas and we play Farkle and then build a fire. 
See all those "F's?" : ) 
Aren't they fabulous?! 

This past Friday, was Fajita Friday! 

Joy and her friend made these Reeses stuffed cookies, thanks to Pinterest. 
I've decided they need a new name that starts with and 'F' because I want them to ALWAYS be apart of Fajita Fridays. They are the best cookies ever!!!!!!! 
Peanut butter cookies stuffed with Reeses! Yes, please!
Then the girls watched Frozen (hey, another 'F') and built a fire in the fire pit. In the meantime, Andrew came home from a worship band practice with 3 of his musician friends and they jammed, played video games and built another fire. 

We had 4 teens sleep over. I made the big mistake of referring to this night as a 'slumber party' and my boys teased me f-o-r-e-v-e-r and I never found out what I should call it. A sleep over? 

In the morning, I made chocolate chip pancakes for all. Then Joy and her friend went to a girl's conference put on by A Passion for Jesus, which they really enjoyed. In the meantime, Hubby, who loves an excuse to go to the music store, took the 4 musicians to Guitar Center, which made their day. Later that day, Hubby and Andrew picked up his brother from the airport and we started our latest adventure in care-giving. 

Sunday, Hubby taught Sunday School and we went to the service and then came home completely exhausted. We didn't make it back to the evening service. We had a waffle night at home and got back into the care-giving groove of things. And went to bed early! 

And that sums up our fun weekend! 


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