"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 24, 2014

The funky flu and then the fun

First of all, can I just say how glad I am that no one tragically died on the season finale of this show last night! ; )

On Wednesday we got hit with this weird flu bug. The kind that gives you this splitting headache that never goes away, dizziness whenever you stand up and a total lack of energy. BLAH!
But, I read this book while I was down and it was awesome! -Great faith builder in God's power to heal and redeem lives. Love, love, loved it!

On Friday, it was hubby's turn to join in with the 'fluishness.' So, he took the day off and we had a relaxing fun time together and made it a half day of school for the healthy feeling kiddos.

Saturday, we were better and off and running to pull off our annual 'Thank You' party for the addition that our dear friend put on our house 9 years ago. While I cleaned and cooked, Hubby repainted our front door and the shutters on our house, which really brightened things up.  Andrew made us place cards.

Joy set the table with the china and the silver 

and then we felt the need to play the theme song from this show. LOL 

Joy made us these for dessert: 

During dinner, Joy and Andrew were 'the Help. ' : ) Zac grilled steaks for us. We hoped to Skype with Nate during the party so that he could say his 'thank you' to Carlos too, but there was some time zone related confusion, so that didn't work out. 
All in all it was a special evening and though we try every year, we can never really express our thanks to the Lord and Carlos for all that was done to add on to our home! : ) 

Then about 14 hours later, we gave another party! 
-A breakfast social for the sweet people in our Sunday School class. I made biscuits and sausage gravy. (thank you Pioneer Woman! So yummy!) Oh, let's clarify, I made the gravy and I heated up FROZEN biscuits. ; ) 

Anyway, it was one fun weekend! 


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