"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 17, 2014

A lovely Valentines Day and a lazy Presidents Day

For Valentines Day, we decided to be non-conformists who go out on the night after Valentines Day instead when it would be less crowded. Maybe that is a sign that we are old...
-Our oldest had reservations made at a steak house a week in advance and looked very handsome leaving the house with roses and a heart shaped box of candy. Too cute.
I made the rest of the fam, one of our favorites: Monte Cristo sandwiches!
And we had white chocolate pretzel snicker doodles for dessert. We had a fun evening in.

The next day, the kid-taxi was up and going early. Then we stopped off to walk around a farmer's market. The rest of the day, I helped, I mean, cheered Hubby on as he worked on pressure washing our house without a pressure washer. ; ) He said he was 'under pressure, so he was washing.' It was an awesome display of those biceps, I love so much. And we found out that we don't really need to repaint our house. It just needed a good cleaning. Yay! Then we went out for our Valentine Date, which was fun.

Sunday was an awesome day of worship. I love everything about our Sundays!

Today, has been pretty low key. I did make report cards for the kiddos though, so I'm feeling accomplished. I think it is time consuming and I only have to make two this year.  ; )

Friday, we are looking forward to our annual House Party, in which, we thank our dearest friend for giving away the better part of a year, and adding on to our house (for FREE) back in 2005.

That was our weekend! Hope yours was full of love and fun!

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