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February 10, 2014

More of Cali and then home

I planned to have a party for friends and family on my last night in CA and sent out a Facebook invite a couple weeks prior. I made the party for 6:00 PM while I was on EASTERN TIME. And Facebook decided to change that to Pacific time for all those invited.  AHHHHHHH!!!!!
So, everyone's invitation said 3:00 PM!! Many thanks to my sister, who let me in on this major time faux pas the night before.
It was great fun to have my parents condo packed full of people I love.
I made tortilla soup because it is one of Nathan's favorites and he was hoping for leftovers. I wasn't sure how much to make and I was never really sure of how many people were even coming, so I tripled the recipe and well, the people I love will be eating tortilla soup for many days to come. ; )
I hoped to make a fruit pizza for dessert, but no one seemed to own a pizza pan. So, the fruit pizza became cookies with fruit on top.
I made invited everyone to play one of our family's favorite games, which I brought with me: Rhythm and Thyme. And depending on where you are from, some of the words don't actually rhythm. We decided it was made by Texans. : ) That was a lot of fun.
Early Saturday morning, I flew home! I met my handsome hubby at the airport and we went out to dinner and caught up on each other's week. A sparkly clean house was waiting for me and so were lots of hugs.
There's no place like home! : )


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