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February 6, 2014

Cali fun continues

On Monday we went out for lunch so I could eat my favorite food of all time, -rolled tacos with guacamole!!! They did not disappoint. :-)  Since then I've had a chance to eat them two more times.
Then we drove through beautiful Newport Beach. We stopped at Laguna Beach and hiked on the rocks and looked at the tide pools. It was so much fun. Incredibly beautiful!
Tuesday my parents picked us up and drove us to San Diego. twice, actually. LOL I was the co-pilot who got to talking and didn't realize at some point we were no longer headed SOUTH, but north again, back to where we started in LA. :-) Fun!
 Wednesday, we headed to La Jolla. The cliffs are so gorgeous. I was thinking of the wedding picture we had taken there on the beach and I was missing my groom.:-)  We watched the seals swim and sunbathe. Then we headed to Balboa Park. I have lots of fun memories of going there on Sundays after church. Nathan got lots of pictures, especially at the botanical garden.
Now, I'm busy planning a dinner for 15 friends and family members tomorrow night. It is going to be a tight squeeze in my parents condo but should be fun. Then I fly home. -My sweet hubby texted to let me know that there are only 54 more hours til we see each other. Can't wait. Love him!
I know vacation posts aren't any fun without photos. Hoping to post some when I get home.

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