"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 30, 2014

List making and traveling

So, I'm going to California for a week!!! My hubby says it will be known as Mom Appreciation Week.

And it may just be Processed Food Week at the C Family's house, as well. ; )
The shopping is done.
The lists are made. There's a list of who is cooking/heating up dinner on what nights, and I've got a list of whose doing dishes and laundry. (pretty sure there won't be any folding going on) ; ) -I debated whether or not to list vacuuming on the chore list because my vacuum is relatively new and certain boys have been known to have clogged a vacuum or two with a sock and a pencil. -Heaven help my vacuum while I'm away. ; )
We've scaled down a little on the activities for the week so that Hubby won't have to be running the kids all over creation.
They made their own list of who is cooking what for the Super Bowl! -Hubby's favorite night!
I have a reminder for the kids to watch the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate on Creation. That will be a must see. We watched lots of Bill Nye when the kids were younger. We were blessed to hear Ken Ham in person a couple of time last year. He was awesome! I noticed that even evolutionists are saying Ken Ham will win. -Interesting! Then there's the Winter Olympics starting. Yay! Did I read right that the Opening Ceremony is on at 12:00 noon on Friday? Or is it that time in Russia?

I always have lists of school assignments for the week written out, but now Hubby has a list of what those assignments are, so that he can make sure that school is actually happening while I'm away. LOL

My lists are all written out and displayed on a white board, which makes me laugh and want to label it
 "How a Type-A Mom Leaves her Family for a Week." ; )

Its a lot of work to leave town. LOL
But I'm so excited and thankful that I get to go see our son in his new life in CA. -You know, see where he lives, goes to school and works and worships. Then I'll be able to picture it all in my head in the future. (sounds like a mom-thing, I know)
I'm thrilled to get to see my best friend again so soon and I get to see my precious family members, who all live in San Diego. Hooray! The spring semester hasn't started out there yet, so Nathan gets to come to San Diego with me and I get to enjoy him for even longer!

It's going to be tons of fun and my travels don't include any lists! Yay!


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