"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Some Christmas highlights stored in my heart:

~All the wonderful time spent with my Hubby, who was off from work for most of the week.
~A fun, last minute shopping trip with the kiddo who had to do last minute chores to earn that Christmas shopping money.
~The church's gift wrapping outreach at the mall where I found out I wrap too slow, even if it is free. LOL
~Our girl, who was in the choir at the Christmas Eve service who had to dress in 'earth tones' and look Mumford and Sons-ish (which I had to google) and which required some shopping and then more shopping and then an emergency shopping trip ten minutes before the event. Oh.My.Mercy
~The GREAT anticipation for our son's arrival on Christmas Eve. -The airport is kind of a fun place to be on that night! The tall people of the family looking out for him for me and then letting me get to him first and hug the daylights out of him.
~Us, happy parents listening to 3 reunited brothers chatting in the car all the way to the Christmas Eve service. The one who was gone seeing his sister on the stage and telling me 'She's so pretty.'
~The beauty of the candle light service.

~Hubby hitting it out of the park with the Christmas Eve steak.
 ~All 6 of us cozy on the couches to watch one of the kids favorites: White Christmas.
~A certain son who was so happy to be home because he can now put his clothes "in that wonderful basket and everything comes back clean."
~His sister asking him if he came home "bearing gifts?" -Boy did he! He blew his siblings' minds. : )
~There were "reindeer games" that we all joined in and our oldest humbly dominated.
~Christmas ham and other goodies were consumed.
~We rushed off to see a movie that night only to find that the rest of the world was at the same theater. One amazing cherry pie made up for not seeing it.
~A documentary on Hubby's favorite band for Christmas reminded us that he couldn't miss their upcoming free concert. Our crazy adventure to secure those free tickets from the odd ticket drop location.
 ~The party for Nathan and all his favorite friends. Fettuccine, ping-pong, air-soft, archery, frisbee, Call of Duty and a jam session because they are all so talented....
~Heading to the concert with our brave, dearly loved friends. All of us wondering if we were the oldest people in the crowd. -Not quite, a 60 year old woman offered of us pot. LOL (that was weird)
 ~Seeing Switchfoot with their biggest fan! -Free and priceless!

Having company everyday since Christmas and for the week to come, a blessing!

Enjoying every sweet minute,

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