"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 10, 2013

From the heater to the air conditioner

I am ever soooo glad to have my hubby back from Boulder!!!!!! xoxox

He had a great time visiting his dad for their birthdays. He also had the opportunity to spend time with one of his dearest friends, whom he has known since the 6th grade! -How great is that?!

This time last week, I was shopping for: gloves, hat, a scarf and long underwear with the temperature being in the 80's here. I had some serious doubts about finding that long underwear, but I finally did. All those things were certainly a must. -It was 7 degrees below zero one evening, when the ice caused someone to rear-end him. I can't even imagine how cold that is. They had some black outs and his hotel lost power as he was checking out. He took a chilly walk to the grocery store to buy his dad a birthday cake and then the grocery store lost power..so, no cake. But it is the thought that counts and they had a nice time together.
He took a shuttle to the airport with a shuttle driver who didn't know his way around town and didn't follow the GPS, which made things...interesting. He was able to give him directions and thankfully wasn't late for his flight...back to the land-of-heat.
 -I heard him say something this morning that I've never heard anyone say before: "I like the humidity!' : )

I have no one to home school this week since Joy and Andrew are away. -We joked that I'd resort to teaching the dog (tricks) but it hasn't come to that yet. ; ) LOL


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