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December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and the Reindeer Games

Thanksgiving was full of fun and food!
We did most of our cooking on Wednesday and per my tradition, I had to run out to the 'madhouse,' otherwise known as Publix,
twice on Wednesday night. Ugh! -I felt like sharing butter with everyone I knew once I made it out alive. ; )

Thanksgiving Day, while all the yumminess was in the oven, we started 'The Reindeer Games!
There were games that required skill and some that were just up to luck. There was a point system and a whole lot of tallying going on all day and a prize for the overall winner.

Joy, getting her Katniss on! ; )

Portable ping pong, best idea ever! Thankful for our huge table!
fooseball tourney
Farkle fun

Frisbee throwing through a suspended hula hoop
Around the World (basketball)
the worst Around the World player ever! ; )
Hubby also had the winners of various games say one thing they were thankful for and mention one historical Thanksgiving fact to get the maximum amount of points possible, because he's cute like that. And then one of our kiddos, who will remain nameless, mixed up Squanto with Tonto, much to this homeschooling mom's horror. JK! ; )

Because we have a weird sense of humor, we staged pictures of Bree, who was sleeping in the sun during the fun, with arrows behind her. LOL

That night we found out that the winner was.....

This guy 
who received a gift card to the movies.

And then we all felt like 'winners' because we ate some of this amazing cherry pie ; )

Joy's first pie ever! 

Since Nathan wasn't here for Thanksgiving, the kids want to do this all over again on Christmas!
-And we all hope Joy wants to 'redo' that pie! : )


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