"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 23, 2013

The midwives

My hubby enjoyed watching Downton Abbey just as much as I did, which was so much fun!
But if I ever wanted to watch Call the Midwife, then, of course, I was all on my own. ; ) In fact, it was a real room clearer. LOL 
Three of our four babies were born at home, speaking of which, how cute is this onesie?!
For any of you other fans, here are a couple of quotes from one of Jennifer Worth's books that will probably not be depicted on the show, but I'm glad they took place in real life!

Sister Monica Joan to Jenny: "Questions, questions -you wear me out with your questions, Child. Find out for yourself. We all have to in the end. No one can give you faith. It is a gift from God alone. Seek and ye shall find. Read the Gospels. There is no other way. Do not pester me with your everlasting questions. Go with God, Child; just go with God."

(Jenny) "I had been groping for years to understand or at least to come to terms with the meaning of life. These three small words, "Go with God," were for me the beginning of faith. That evening, I started to read the Gospels."  : )

And here's another:

Jenny: "What had impelled Sister Monica Joan to abandon a privileged life for one of hardship, working in the slums of London's Docklands? Was it love of people? I asked her."

"Of course not," she replied sharply. "How can you love ignorant, brutish people whom you don't even know? Can anyone love filth an squalor or lice and rats? Who can love aching weariness, and carry on working in spite of it? One cannot love these things. One can only love God, and through His grace come to love His people." ~Sister Monica Joan


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