"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 19, 2013

All the "lasts" of last week

It was our last week of summer
-our last week with Nate before he moved
-our last week with our best friends before they moved too
-the boys' last Wednesday night playing together in the youth worship band
-our last 'family night'
-we had 'last sleepovers' and then there was a 'very last sleepover.' ; )

There were lots of 'lasts' and also lots of food and fun.
I tried making the 'Better than Brad Pitt Cake' (lol) and it did not disappoint.
Another night, the kids cored apples and put cinnamon and sugar in the middle then wrapped them in pie dough and cooked them! They were like having your own apple pie, with ice-cream of course.

For one of the sleepovers, the kids tried making this "Chocolate Suicide"

which had cookie dough on the bottom, Oreos, then brownie batter baked on top. Oh my! (the Brad Pitt cake was better)

There was lots of praying, lots packing and driving, driving, driving....
Finally, there were lots and lots of tears! : (

But it is a new day, so on to some firsts...
Like, Andrew's first day of high school! whoo-hoo! And my first day with only two students left in our home-school! (whose got it easy this year? This girl!)
and on to all the other things that God has in store for us in this new season of our lives! : )


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