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August 27, 2013

Bonding in the back of a bus

Here is where I chronicle the "worst Family Day" ever, which took place before Nathan moved.
 (you know it was bad when it takes a whole month to mention it) ; )

After a nice picnic

and some family photos

I thought it would be fun to take a trolley ride down the coast and end up at our favorite beach. Oh, but I thought wrong!
It turned out that the trolley didn't go as far as our favorite beach, which then required an extremely long ride on a city bus and then the city bus dropped us off in a sketchy part of town where we needed to hop on another trolley to FINALLY reach the favorite beach,
which we all voted unanimously NOT to take. Ever.
Because, oh the agony.

Here's what I learned that day:

-Public transportation isn't fun
-Trolleys don't take debit cards
-Trolleys are miserably hot in July
-Buses have cold A/C
-Trolleys and buses don't seem to keep to their schedules
-What it feels like when a bus driver almost misses his turn while going 50 mph and the wheels start skidding and all the tires squeal
-That buying ice cream in a rough part of town means your bank statement will say that you spend $15 at PJ's Oyster Bar and totally confuse you
We love you, Nate! We'll have a much better Family Day planned when you come home for Christmas! 
But I'm pretty sure someone else should plan it because in recent stats, I'm 0 for 3! ; )


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