"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 9, 2013

The latest

-There's been lots of cleaning and packing!
The boys' cleaned out their room and made "Mount Nathan" which included everything he owns so that he could decide what is going with him to CA and what is staying here in our attic.

-There's been lots of painting!
Joy and I painted 3 rooms on our house in the past week and half. She was so sweet to help me! For some reason, care-givng, school starting and a child leaving home meant I felt the need to paint! (weird, I know) So glad it is done!

-There's been the usual college registration which always equals drama.
Red tape with financial aid, some kind of mistake and a deadline are probably why I have some of these gray hairs I try to color. It happens every year...

-There's been this sweet blessing

from Zac, who says he appreciates all I do. Awwww!!!

-There's been care-giving.
My hubby's brother is settled back into our house now and is staying for the next 3 months.  Our kiddos have been a tremendous help in this effort setting up everything he needs!

-There's a family game night tonight and a girls night out
More Farkle and poker (with matchsticks) for the fam and I'm taking out my best friend who is moving away next week. : (

That's about it. Nate leaves in 8 days and school starts for us in 9 days. Here's hoping we are ready for both!

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