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May 18, 2012

The weekend and the week...

Wow! What a week! This time last week we were packing up my hubby's brother whose stay with us was ending. We got up at 2:00 AM Saturday morning for more packing and then I saw him, my hubby and Andrew off on their road trip to Orlando for the early flight Phil had to catch. Andrew volunteered to go along and help with his uncle and all the luggage. And oh the luggage! Highway robbery in fees...But everything else went smoothly and hubby and Andrew got home at 7:00 AM and did a little napping. Then hubby decided he'd rather go to Joy's last softball game then get anymore rest. And boy does that girl play some ball! The last play of the season was a double play she made while lying in the dirt playing shortstop. : ) The team decorated the coach's truck and then headed to Steak and Shake to celebrate.

When we got home, it was time to transform Phil's 'bedroom' back into our family room. Not as easy as it sounds since two beds had to disassembled and reassembled in different locations. Then there was the floor rug in the attic to get back out, and of course, lots of cleaning.We finished it all at 9:50 PM and were ready to drop into bed. I think I'm the only one that did. The rest of the fam got a second wind and stayed up for a movie.

Then I had a lovely Mother's Day! It included some sweet letters from our four kiddos, a little rose bush, calla lilies, an Outback gift card, chocolate covered strawberries, a candle, Reeses pieces, lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and an evening at the beach with the fam. -Quite the celebration! Am I ever blessed to be loved by such special people!

Monday through Wednesday we enjoyed a mini family vacation.
We saw the Avengers and had dinner in Downtown Disney! (loved that movie!) Had some fun times at our "quirky hotel" as Zac called it.

 (our kids were too old for it but it was a steal of a deal!) Went to the cheapest breakfast buffet ever, played at an arcade, rode go-carts,

did some more swimming and mini-golf

and then

-we paid to feed alligators dog treats using fishing poles. -Only in Florida, People! lol

We had a very nice Italian dinner out, played several rounds of Uno in the hotel and enjoyed having cable and 3 TV's. (my boys love the Food Network! lol) Joy spent a good part of the trip feeling rough and having a fever. Hubby and I worked out in the fitness room both mornings and decided we really want a treadmill. Andrew had a blast on the water slides and got 'slimed.' The slime turned out to be hundreds of gallons of green food coloring in water which meant that he was not a very happy camper.

 We headed back to Downtown Disney for some shopping,

then had lunch on the road back home. Our church had a concert that night with the Katinas! (always a blessing!)

School was a little hard to get back to, but we did it!

I got a call to be a rep for Teaching Textbooks at a home school book fair in the area soon and sooo that means a used treadmill came to make its home here thanks to craigslist and another steal of a deal. What a fun blessing. It also came with an exercise bike thrown in for good measure. Ask me in a week if I'm still using them please! ; ) My hubby says these things become 'really big coat hangers' and my house is too small for any 'coat hangers' of this magnitude!

Joy is still re-cooperating and the boys have friends over and they are making deep-fried Oreos. -Must have been all the Food Network they watched! lol Heaven help my kitchen and Heaven help me not to eat too many! They are amazing. Can deep fried Oreos and exercise equipment even co-exist in the same paragraph? ; )

What a week!

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