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May 31, 2012

Wednesdays in the Word...continued on Thursday!

Ruth, Boaz and Bozos

Ruth told Naomi about all that Boaz said/did and Naomi thought that staying in his fields was a great arrangement and informed her that Boaz was a relative of hers.
So, Ruth gleaned in Boaz's fields for the barley and the wheat harvests. When the harvests were done, Naomi asked Ruth the cutest question. "Shouldn't I see security for you?" And since 'security' in Hebrew means 'rest and protection in one's own home,' I'm guessing she was asking if she could try her hand at matchmaking. : ) Nice of her to ask first! lol
Then she told Ruth how it was done in Israel which sounds really odd and hints at being improper, but it wasn't. (read Ruth 3) In humility and trust, Ruth said "all you say to me, I will do." So, following Naomi's instructions, she laid down at Boaz's feet, at what sounds like a sleep-over for people who've been threshing wheat and celebrating the harvest. He wakes up and sees her and she asks him to do what the law says a close relative can do -redeem her! As in, marry her and restore her life for the sake of the dead to whom he was related.
Well, she didn't have to ask him twice! He blessed her again in the name of the Lord for showing him more kindness now than when he first met her by "not going after young men, whether poor or rich." I'd say he's thrilled. Then he says "All the people in my town know that you are a virtuous woman." Amen! Love that! (Girls, Ruth was virtuous and didn't chase after guys! -Just saying!) : )
Before she left, he had her open up her shawl and gave her 24 gallons of barley to carry home so that she wouldn't go home to Naomi "empty handed." Still providing! So sweet. I bet that lasted until the wedding! ; ) There was an issue with another guy who was a closer relative than Boaz that he had to work through but that got all worked out. The elders were thrilled by this turn of events. (Girls, older people in your circle will know he's a Boaz  and rejoice for you!) There were more blessings, from the elders this time, who blessed Boaz "to be famous" because of his offspring. There's an interesting blessing...
Ruth and Boaz married and it specifically says 'God opened her womb' so maybe Ruth had been barren in her first marriage, anyway, they have a son! Then the women of the city rejoiced with Naomi because God gave her a 'redeemer' through Boaz and they have a blessing to offer too, actually it is the same one, that her grandson would be "famous in Israel" and "a restorer of life" (after so much death)...And I LOVE the next part where they proclaim that "your daughter in law, who loves you, who is better to you than seven sons, has borne him." 
Wasn't Ruth awesome?! What a testimony her life must have been to the women around her.
Their son was Obed, (who was the father of Jesse, who was the father of David) was in the lineage of JESUS, (Whoo hoo!) which totally equals 'famous in Israel'! Amen!? He was certainly a 'restorer of life' as in the eternal kind! : ) Amen again!

Girls, let's be busy diligently serving and blessing others while waiting for Boaz. 
Or, if you are like me, and you've already got him, 
treat him like a king! : )


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