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May 21, 2012

Some frugal fun

So, I'm doing an experiment. 
We had this water bill a couple of months ago that was 2 times what we usually pay. So, I started policing the length of showers around here and only using my dishwasher when we had company. Then I wanted to save money on my electric bill, because heaven knows we use our a/c almost constantly in the summer in FL. So, I started line drying our clothes! Well, the water issue turned out to be a leak (that explained everything) and my handy hubby fixed it. 

The line drying turned out to be kind of fun, like a new hobby or something. I'm using the poles/hook from our volley ball net and have it in the corner of our backyard where it isn't visible to the neighbors, lest they wish we lived in a subdivision with rules about these things. : )

It has taken me awhile to get the hang of it. The towels truly felt like cardboard and nobody was buying my 'they will exfoliate your skin' spiel and my hubby says he feels like he is wearing paper-mache underwear! LOL
I read online that I must be using too much soap and that I need to add vinegar to my wash. I also decided to put the towels in the dryer for 5 minutes after they are dry to soften them up.

I think there is something satisfying about the whole thing. Kind of like baking bread, which I don't do anymore. I love that load after load are dried for FREE. But actually, I read it doesn't actually save much on your electric bill. We'll see. We have lots of laundry in this house! And the rainy season hasn't started yet, which could cause me to throw in the towel, quite literally. : )

-Life has slowed down a lot around here recently, which is I guess why I have nothing more interesting to talk about than my laundry, (sorry!
but slow is good! ; )

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