"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 12, 2011

Easter Weekend

Friday I proctored a room full of kids taking the CAT5, which is more stressful than it looks, I'm telling you. : ) Somehow, two days of that, had me worn out.

After my hubby installed the fabulous, if-ever-used, new-to-me dishwasher, we headed to the beach for some family fun.

Even thought it was a very warm day, we found out that the Gulf has not warmed up yet! : ) Brrrr! We did see a lovely sunset.

And guess who is obviously as tall as I am now. Our youngest who is only 10. Boo hoo!

Our tradition is to always stop for slurpees on the way home, but we were a little too cold for those. I had an apple fritter because "I'm avoiding sugar." LOL

Saturday we went to a picnic with our church family for a massive Easter egg hunt. We were the jump houses monitors. It was fun....but HOT!

Sunday, we had an awesome church service. I was in the nursery for the first service, loving on the babies...Second service was awesome and the place was packed. They actually have to turn people away at our church on Easter, which is why they also have a Saturday night service for the homefolk. : ) (which we would've gone to if it wasn't my turn to work in the nursery) That way there is plenty of room for those who only come to church one day a year. It was awesome to see so many of those folks give their lives to Christ yesterday. That is what the resurrection is all about! Whoo-hoo! We love our church!

My little name-sake was there, and I got a cute, wet Easter kiss.

Then we drove home to get ready to have our next door neighbors over for lunch. We had a great time talking and eating way too much. We also did an egg hunt for all the kiddos in both of our front yards combined. (they decided they weren't too old for that!) : )

Today was spent doing lots of work for the homeschool group that I'm leading this year. Lots of fun end-of-the-year plans in the works.

Tomorrow we have a field trip to go to and some more cleaning to do.

Then on Wednesday, my dearest friend and her kids will be here to help us enjoy the rest of our spring break. We are headed to Daytona for some beach fun on the Atlantic side and I just hope it is warmer than the Gulf! Nathan bought an underwater case for his video camera for Christmas and he can't wait to use it! It has been hard to wait all winter to try it out.

Happy Spring Break!


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