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April 10, 2011


I'm a little last posting about this, but a week or so ago we had some severe weather in central Florida. Three tornadoes came through Tampa!

A house a few blocks from ours, had a gigantic oak tree fall down on their house! So awful.

Nathan took a video of the crazy weather happening outside our front door, which I'm not savvy enough to put on the blog. But it is safe to say that there was more water running down our street and in our back yard than any of the hurricanes in years gone by have caused.

The crazy thing for me was that I went to Walmart in calm weather and I came out in calm weather. This is what I missed:

Here's some pictures from the news:

We went two days without seeing the sun, but then it came back and gave us some glorious spring weather. And now, it is feeling a whole lot like summer.


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