"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

A certain awesome young man is turning 12 today and I can hardly believe it!
My baby! ; )
-Sorry Roo, but you will always be my baby!
Even though you are already taller than Joy and I.

He's on a bus headed to the Fine Arts Districts competition in Ormond Beach right this very minute, so we fit in some time in between a gazillion fine arts practices and Easter, to have a party on Saturday!

He's competing in a worship band, as the lead guitarist and he's also in a human video.

And speaking of guitars, here is the cake I made!!!!

-So glad that it turned out and it actually had the approval of at least 3 serious guitarists who were present. LOL : )

Andrew, being one of them!

Before dinner, Dad had a speech to make!

This alway includes all those present making a "covenant" to help the birthday person in their walk with the Lord, us being thankful for all God is doing in their lives and then a prayer of blessing!
-And in Andrew's case, we always mention his birth and how glad we are that he made into this world! Amen! ; )

We celebrated at a trampoline place which had trampolines on the floor and the WALLS!

Here are the girls, ready for some fun! LOL!

And it was fun until a bunch of
20 some-thing year old guys started taking their dodge ball WAY too seriously.
But being the athletic bunch that our guys are, they were more of a challenge than those guys anticipated. Our gang was thinking they needed to get a life -LOL
but my hubby reminded us that we should be glad those guys were here and not out drinking instead. -Spoken like a true youth leader! Love that man! They eventually left and things got more fun again.

-Except that Nathan turned his ankle. And this is fine arts week and he has to do stunts in a human video competition in a matter of days. Ahh!

Unfortunately, my ancient camera didn't capture their flips! Andrew is really good at those!

This next picture is going in my "Tease Zac Collection," to prove that he spent a good part of his teen years texting, no matter where
we were!

Ha ha! -But in all fairness, he just got done taking some pictures! ; )

Glad that my best friend and her kids are Floridians now and that my hubby's brother is here for a couple of months and all were able to join us for the fun!

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