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April 30, 2011

Fine Arts Weekend!

I've survived Fine Arts season! Yay!
It sure kept the mom-taxi busy! We were at practices almost every night of the week. Ugh!

Zac, Nate and Andrew were each in
a human video and they were in two worship bands and Zac was also in a funny small drama.

This weekend they are at the statewide competition in Ormond Beach with 17,000 other teens who are participating! It is a BIG deal!

We'll be streaming the celebration service here from home tomorrow where they announce those who've made it to Nationals. Those who make it are headed to Phoenix, AZ in August!
(let the fundraising begin!)

We had a dress rehearsal on Tuesday night, and Joy got these great pictures for us.

I always need a little help understanding what Bible stories the human videos are portraying.
Except for the crucifixion, of course. ; )

This is Zac's human video and his best friend Jon, who usually gets casts as Jesus. He's got great facials! (and is a wonderful guy)
Zac is one of the soldiers, whipping him.

Here's Nathan with Jesus carrying the cross in the background.

This is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and Nathan was Adam. His best friend is holding the serpent.

Andrew is apart of the great fish and this is Jonah, not looking too happy.

Here is Andrew and I didn't get a chance to ask him which story this is. I'll have to do that when he gets back.

And here he is as the lead guitarist in his worship band.

Love that smile!

Didn't get pictures of Zac and Nate in their band, but we are blessed to see/hear them play every Wednesday.

The worship bands competes tonight, so I'm praying for our boys to be at peace and play their best for Jesus and TRY to forget that there are any judges involved at all. : )

~Becky, a proud drama mama!

*Edited to say that figure was wrong. There were 1700 participants!

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