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November 29, 2011

Here comes Santa...on a bike

You may remember last year when our 80+ year old

which she didn't want as a part of her decor anymore, and then called to complain that we didn't have it up and said she was coming over to help us set it up! ugh!

Unfortunately, we found it when we were getting out all of our decorations yesterday and what was even worse, it still worked. There's something to be said for things made 25+ years ago. lol Much to my chagrin, it just won't die.

We all stood around staring at it and wondering what to do with it this year. Or should I say, how to get out of setting it up...

My hubby's brother, Phil, volunteered to sit on it so that we could tell her it was broken, lol.
I thought we should bury it back in the attic and hope she'd forget about it.
Not my hubby. He decided to do the unthinkable....


He said a slot has become open to be the house with the gaudy Christmas decorations on our street and he intended to fill it. lol

He got some help from our cutest Christmas elf, Joy.

And so, Santa is now riding up our roof,

specifically facing the direction of her house.

Hope she enjoys it because I'm pretty sure that this will be his last appearance. lol

I think I'll be praying for one really strong breeze, which ought to do the trick. ; )


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