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November 19, 2011

Birthday joy or Joy! (both apply)

We are spending the day celebrating our Joy who will be 15 on Tuesday!
She is certainly a joy to celebrate because she is truly the sweetest girl on the planet. -We always wonder how we got so blessed.

Joy wanted a family party with a Doctor Who theme. That is a sci-fi show on BBC that has been running for over 40 years.

Joy loves it. Wouldn't Grandmum be pleased to know that Joy's favorite shows are on BBC. : )
I'd never watched it before, but I've spent the last few days going to the show's web site to get some recipes, (like K9 dogs and Sonic Screwdriver punch)

and getting costumes ideas for my trip to the thrift store so we could all be one of the show's character. My hubby and I both tried to locate a refrigerator box (to be the police call box that the Doctor travels through time with) that we could paint blue, but no such luck. I just love a theme!

Uncle Phil believes that no party is complete without

so we had those last night while we made the cupcakes.

First thing this morning we gave her our gift, which meant we headed off to Surf Style on Clearwater Beach for indoor surfing lessons.
(I had a Groupon deal for 60% off! whoo-hoo)
We saw one of these places when we were visiting Mission Beach, CA with my parents and she was really excited to give it a try. Plus, her other uncle gave her surfing lessons on one of our trips out there and she actually got up once, so she was excited to try it again.

Here she is with Dad who sang Beach Boys songs to her all morning. lol

Here she is with her 1 1/2 worth of private surfing lessons!

But we found out that one hour was PLENTY.

She's so athletic that she caught on quickly.

Although there were some wipe outs...

she was doing this by the time I left:

Whoo hoo!!!!

Our surfer girl!

Then it was Doctor Who party time!

Complete with Dalek cupcakes!

Here is Andrew as the Doctor!

I didn't quite pull off Amy Pond, my kids tell me (lol) but I tried!

Nathan was the Master (and looked quite mean)

Zac was Rory.

We did a trivia game, had the theme song playing and then we watched one of her favorite episodes. : )
And she declared it "the best birthday ever." Yay!


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