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December 9, 2010

Decorating woes

I like to decorate the outside of our house with white icicle lights, a wreath and some bows on the gate....But I guess that isn't enough for my neighbor.

Last year she gave us her lighted Santa Claus riding a bike to put in our yard and somehow it got placed in the attic and never saw the light of day.

Until today...

when she called and wanted to know where it was and why we hadn't put it up....
Uh Oh!
But, we found it.
And unfortunately it even worked.
It looks like it is at least 25 years old!
And why would Santa be riding a bike anyway?!

To makes sure that we actually put it up this year, she actually offered to come over and HELP set it up. SHE is 81!
You know you have lost the battle when an 81 year old woman is offering to help put up Christmas decorations for you. LOL

And so, guess who is RIDING in my yard now?
My hubby keeps joking that he's going to take my picture next to it and send it out as our Christmas card! Ha! I don't think so. ; )


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