"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 12, 2010

Tis the season for...

~Drinking Spiced Carmel hot chocolate from Sonic. It WAS the season for lemon-berry slushes from Sonic only a week ago when it was 85 degrees outside but now it is absolutely freezing here, so this is my new favorite.

~Reading and rereading classics. I've recently re-read the original In His Steps. Love that book. It brings living for Christ into focus. I read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and a Door in the Wall for the first time and enjoyed them.

~Egg nog and Christmas devotionals. I've put a bunch of quotes on spiritual/Advent thoughts in a stocking and each night one of the kids picks one out and tells us what they think about it and we discuss it. The kids love it.

~Visits from relatives. My father-in-law and his sweet wife are here visiting us. Unfortunately we don't have any wonderful warm Florida weather to offer them. It was actually colder here than in Denver when they arrived. How weird is that?

~Fun with friends. We went to see Megamind last weekend in 3D. What a fun movie!!! My BFF and I were about rolling with laughter in our seats. (maybe the fact that it was SO late at night contributed but it was really cute and funny) When I bought my ticket at the box office, the girl said "That will be $14.00" and I said "Oh, I just want one ticket." And she had to tell me that WAS the price for one ticket. WHOA! Guess that proves I don't get out much.

~Birthdays! As I said, we have 4 in our family this week. So, there's been lots of celebrating and EATING. Way too much eating. Today actually doesn't happen to be anyone in the family's birthday but my father-in-law is taking us out for a steak dinner anyway. -Our kids first time eating at Outback. Yummo!

~Time off! My hubby had to spend the majority of this year being concerned about being laid off. Therefore he didn't take any days off and he missed our trip to San Diego. God has been miraculously faithful to the builder he works for and it looks as though he'll be able to stay employed after all. Yippee! All that to say, my hubby has been home most of this week and able to enjoy his dad's visit and has more time off to look forward to during the holidays. Yay!


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