"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 29, 2011

The retreat returns

Due to the economy and the fact that very few many millionaires have been building their dream houses in Florida lately, my hubby's job has been rather insecure.
But God changed all that at the end of 2010, hallelujah, and now we know that he will have work for at least another year!
The economy isn't really any better and there are lots of custom home builders who have gone out of business, but I know that God is providing for this company because of its generous, godly owner. I can't say enough good about him.
He's devoted to helping the poor and that is why I think, God is keeping this company going in spite of the economy. Amen!!!

Here are just a few examples:

He housed a family who lost their home in New Orleans due to Katrina for a least a year. He PAYS my hubby and another man to walk around the job site and ask the other trades if they need prayer for anything and then they go and spend at least a half hour praying over peoples needs on company time. He gives his employees the book of John to hand out to those they meet during their day. He funds the painting and restoring homes for a ministry that helps men getting out of jail get back into society and does amazing things for a local orphanage. You won't come to a company Christmas party and not find some random needy person there that just met him that day, that he invited to come.
Another thing he does is hold a retreat for all his employees and their families at a cute resort in Steinhatchee, Florida (located in the middle of no where) to spend the weekend in adorable cottages with huge porches on the river.

The weekend consists of a meeting for employees while the families ride bikes, swim, kayak, do archery, canoe or just relax. Then there is always a spiritual seminar for everyone to attend and be blessed. There is a banquet with awards for employees based upon godly character traits. (of which my hubby always wins some) : ) There is also time for lots of free play as a family and we don't have to cook because all the meals are provided!!!

This is the first time in three years, the company has been able to have a retreat and we were pretty excited. We had a wonderful time! Pictures to come!


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