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June 3, 2011

The Florida to-do-list

My brother-in-law had a list of things he wanted to do while he was here for two months....

and today we checked the last one of the list!

Today's adventure took us to Lettuce Lake in search of alligators!

I never even pictured him climbing the observation tower

but he decided to do it!!! : )
42 steps! It was awesome! (the guy who was afraid of stairs when he arrived!) PTL!

I love this picture with us at the very top looking down on the wheelchair that he left behind! Whoo-hoo!!!!

The other items on his list included:

Eating Bo's Ice-Cream,

It is a 50 year old, famous, family-owned ice cream stand and when Phil tried their ice-cream he said it was a good thing he couldn't drive anymore. lol!

He also wanted us to help him walk across the sand and into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico,
(which he did on Memorial Day, hurray! -with hardly any help at all). He also wanted to eat Cuban sandwiches and try a Cuban pastry.

Andrew, our 12 year old, highly encouraged him to achieve all his culinary goals because those two, have almost as much fun just talking about food as they do eating it. ; )


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