"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 7, 2011

First adventure in care giving comes to an end

Nathan flew my hubby's brother (a stroke patient) back to CA for us on Saturday. All went well and I am so proud of our 16 year old.
That was not an easy assignment because of the pressure of changing planes, pushing a wheel chair and dealing with a very nervous adult, who needed caring for. I told him that he was my hero! He also reminded me that he would be dependent upon on prayers (which he had in a big way) and that made me even more proud. He really handled it like a champ, with all the love, compassion and courage any mom and dad could hope for.
God is making Nathan into an awesome man!!!
I hear that when they landed, his other uncle took them to an infamous diner and Nathan ordered the biggest thing on the menu, bless his heart. (they'd been up since 2:30 AM and hadn't had much to eat all day)

So...care giving -WOW!!!
I think "Wow" sums it up pretty well. : )
It is really something!

My hubby and I had a chance to share with each other the scriptures we'd each been clinging to during this time and they all had to do with death. lol!
Death to ourselves and our flesh.
I've decided care giving is an accelerated course in dying to one's self.
Even if you think you've done that,
in let's say: 25 years of walking with the Lord, or in having your first born baby, or in raising 4 toddlers or dealing with 4 teens on a daily basis, (lol) because I personally think those things make for good practice, BUT, I found out otherwise. ; )

For me, it was like going to all new levels of dying to self that I never would have ventured into otherwise. Care giving rocked my world and the only peace I had was when I sought the Lord to help me to die to me. OUCH and double OUCH on constant basis.
Not too fun, but God shows up when you are living on an alter. The holy isn't always happy but the joy is deep. Amen?

I wonder how anyone who doesn't have the Lord in their life to strengthen them even handle it??? -I have no idea!

I don't know when my brother-in-law will be sent back out here for us to care for him again, but it sounds like the next time will be for 6 months instead of just 2.
But this I do know. We will all be the better for it, and my prayer is that we will handle it in such a way, that gives God glory.


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Miss Janet @ HOME said...

I am proud of your son and I don't even know him!

(I am a homeschooler with 2 boys, 14 1/2 and 12.)