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June 12, 2011

The get away

During the winter, I bought a one night stay at a historic hotel near the beach (which came with a free bottle of wine and a free breakfast) for $59.00. Yay! I bought it on Groupon. (I've actually bought a few things on there in the past year)
Check them out here: Groupon.
We decided to save it to use in March, but they were all booked up.
Then my brother in law came for two months and so we had to put it off until June.
Then my hubby's company decided to have a retreat this year (Fun!) and take all the families of the employees along for a paid weekend get away (yes, they are amazing like that)...but it was on the same weekend we planned to go. So, I changed the reservation.
Then, the company changed their retreat date and I changed the reservation back again.
-Kind of confusing but it actually does have some significance. While my hubby and I were off on our weekend, riding a "trolley" by the beach, it hit us that it was the anniversary of the night he asked me to marry him 20 years ago!!!!!
What a sweet surprise that was!

So, we've decided to celebrate two anniversaries every year from now on!!! Engagement and wedding! Whoo-hoo!

Pictures to come!

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