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July 1, 2011

Father's day fun

My hubby's best friend bought us all tickets to the Ray's game to celebrate Father's Day!

I thought it would be kind of dull like it is on TV and last for 5 hours so I actually thought about bringing a book. (too funny!)

But I was wrong on both counts.

1. It is football games that last for 3 but totally feels like 5! ; )
2. Baseball in person is not a bit dull!

We got to see the Rays play the Marlins. It was SOOOO much fun!

Because our pitcher got 10 strike outs, everyone who went to Kane's Furniture got a coupon for a free medium pizza from Papa John's! And since we had 6 tickets, that was 6 pizzas. (after driving all over creation to the Kane's and then to find a Papa John's that is!)
But ya can't beat a free dinner (& leftovers) after the game!

Guess what? The cameras (wherever they were) zoomed in on our family and we were on the big huge mega tron screens! Wow!!!! It is funny to be watching the screens and then realize that you are seeing people in your own family!

For some reason Rays fans ring cowbells. (if you know why, let me know! And while you are at it, please tell me what creature our furry mascot is, I'm stumped!)

I was pretty sure that sitting in front of a two year old with a cowbell was not going to be
too fun, lol but thankfully, he got bored with it pretty quick. At one point, he came flying over the seat next to me and was caught by the lady one seat over. Her great reflexes kept that little fan from landing on his head! (I'm amazed that someone would bring such a little guy and then get mad at him for "not watching the game." Good grief!)
Next, the elderly lady in front of me had to be carried away by medics out of the stadium! She had a really weak pulse and was sweating profusely. (in the air conditioning)

So, like I said, baseball in person isn't a bit boring! -And the game wasn't bad either! LOL!
We won! 2 to 1! Hooray! And did I mention the free pizza!

Such a fun Father's Day! -And no one loved it more than a certain major Rays fan that I'm in love with!

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