"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 14, 2008

Two weekends of Bible Quizzing

Congrats to our quizzing kiddos!!!
You guys are amazing and you bless our socks off!

Nathan had his Teen Bible Quiz match last weekend.
He is a lot of fun to watch. It is never boring. He keeps us on the edge of our seat. :)
He is quite a quizzer.
Their team is in 6th place in our state out of 10 teams. He memorized the book of Philippians. (my favorite book but I sure haven't memorized it)

This past Saturday, Joy and Andrew had their Junior Bible Quiz match.
They are together on the team that my hubby coaches. They both blew us away by being in the top ten for their scores. (Out of 11 teams, ours is in 7th.)

And a big thanks to Zach who helped us by being assistant coach with Dad while I was one of the scorekeepers. You rock, Z! : )

I can't say enough good about TBQ and JBQ. If you have a program at your church, check it out.
All of us have made some wonderful friendships with adults and children through it and learned unbelievable amounts of Bible. It is a blessing.

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Susan said...

Wow, memorized the whole book that is a way to hide God's word in your heart.