"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 29, 2008

A new pet

There is a new pet that is coming to live with us.

But this isn't it. ; )

We have about a week more to wait until this very little pet is ready to leave the breeder. And I guess somebody thought the duck was better to look at than the empty cage. : )

The new pet is a baby parrotlet!
My hubby has a friend at work who breeds parrotlets and he wants to give us one. Which really is quite a gift since they sell for $300.00 at our local pet store.

It's a male and he is just now getting his feathers. We will have to feed him with a dropper for awhile yet. From what we've heard, they are fragile and small and they need to come out of their cage to be played with everyday.

These little parrots will actually learn to talk!
We all want to teach it to say "Jesus is Lord!" : )
And then the kiddos have plans to teach it quotes from Napoleon Dynamite like "Your mom goes to college" and "Give me some of your tots!"
(goofy, I know!)

Our kids are pretty excited about this.

And I'm working on getting excited.
Because we've owned a parrot before....Or maybe I should say that a parrot owned us before. The fact that we are getting a bird at all, is proof that time heals. ha ha
Besides, how could we turn down such a sweet gift?!
~I'd have to admit that I have parrot issues. ; )

Back then our kiddos were 6, 4 and 2 yrs. ( Andrew hadn't made his appearance yet) and we literally found a Conure parrot on our doorstep! It was really pretty amazing!

I remember the boys coming to tell me that there was a bird on our porch that was not afraid of people. And I found that hard to believe until I finally came out to see for myself.
There it stood on the porch steps just waiting for our kiddos to fall in love with it and ask to keep it. Good strategy.
It worked! We kept him. (groan!)

He was a gorgeous bird with a big ego.

He didn't like me at all but he adored my hubby. (maybe 'he' was a 'she'?! Maybe that would explain things!)
He acted like a different bird when my hubby came home! -All sweet and lovable! (even though he'd been a terror to me all day)

This parrot didn't talk, but it made PLENTY of noise. It used to compete with me to be heard during our morning devotionals. And I think he won, because I was a new home school mom who couldn't even hear herself speaking.
The boys named him Chipper and they loved to carry him around on their shoulders. He'd fly across the living room and perch on our curtain rods. -Which was a lot of fun until we had bird mess on the curtains and big holes in our t-shirts.

Anyway, it wasn't too long before Chipper was taken to a pet store and traded in for a very SILENT set of fish and an aquarium with a rod iron stand. (we made out pretty good since he was worth so much!)

And his future owners had our pity. : )
The breeder was talking to my hubby yesterday and said that this little guy of ours seems like he's got quite a personality. He actually called him a 'bratt.' That wasn't exactly comforting.
I hope I'm not in for another Chipper.


Susan said...

Hey Becky it will be fun to see the real bird. YOu will have to show us all a picture.

By the way I tagged you so you will have to stop by to see what you need to do .Have Fun,Susan

Becky said...

That sounds like fun. I had a parakeet when I was a little girl. His name was Jiminy Cricket and he died. My mom told me he flew away. I never learned he died until I was an adult.