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January 24, 2008

Because backwards is the best!

Our kiddos have been making the funniest videos lately.

They have one where Andrew is holding a glass
and water from the toilet shoots up from it and goes into his glass.
And he drinks it! Blah! Then he smiles like toilet water is the best thing he's ever tasted! UGH!
(this video makes me squeal in disgust)

They have some clips that show them 'doing the Force' (like in Star*Wars) which causes light sabers to jump off the ground and go right into their hands! Amazing!

And some where they have this amazing ability to jump behind them and up onto the bunk beds or the trampoline. Major super powers here. ; )

As you've probably guessed these are video clips that they've made and played backwards and it's all thanks to the Wii*.
It will play video clips off of the memory card from a digital camera!!! And it gives you the option to play them forwards or backwards. Who knew!?!

When our gang discovered this, they set to work figuring out their 30 second clips. They had to figure out how they wanted the choreography to be (in reverse) and what facial expressions they wanted to make and when and so on....
And they have been having a blast!

Nathan directs, Joy shoots (it's her digital camera) and Andrew does the acting.
I love all the creativity and cooperation!
Not to mention the fact that they think it's "way better than any video game!!!"
Gotta love that!

So, if your kiddos own a Wii* and a digital camera, they've got to try this!

It's the only way I can handle seeing mine drink toilet water, that's for sure! ha ha


Susan said...

The toilet one sounds so funny.

Becky said...

You guys are hilarious!

Sniz said...

Wow, I keep hearing awesome things about the Wii! We don't have one, but the fact that your kids are using it to be creative (my brother and I used to try to make videos with my parent's HUGE video camera---times have changed) is awesome! I wish you could post one, especially the toilet water one! Thanks for sharing this!!!